Sample Q&A

This is example of a question someone asked The Oracle, and my channeled answer. It will give you a general idea of the nature of my channeling.

P.S.- The end of the answer references a magazine cover that The Oracle inspired me to send to the individual who asked the question for her to contemplate before I emailed her The Oracle’s answer to her question. You can see the magazine cover here.


At this point in time, I am near retirement and entering a new phase in my life, free from many of the responsibilities of previous years.  I’m feeling a void; a sense of emptiness.  It’s not a good or bad feeling, rather a feeling of nothingness, blankness, nonbeing.  It’s a curious thing to feel this way, and I don’t understand it nor how proceed with any meaningful purpose when I feel nothing.  Would appreciate your insight on this.

Answer from The Oracle:

We would like to begin by showing you a transitional moment in life of three particular beings.

The first is an Alpha wolf who is hunting prey with her pack. As they move across the terrain, she briefly turns her head to look at one of the other females. A sudden knowingness imprints itself on her lupine psyche. She immediately aware that this other female will challenge her, and emerge victorious. The confrontation will result in the diminishment of her rank, and possibly even death. The knowingness of this imminent event does not cause the female Alpha wolf to break her stride as her pack nears the herd they have trailed for days. Her primal urge to hunt takes precedence over the knowingness.

The second is a woman who is the leader of an indigenous matriarchal tribe. She prepares for a ceremony in which she will voluntarily transfer her leadership position to a younger member. She will then take her place among the tribal elders. This moment of preparation is bittersweet. She will occupy a special position that is clearly defined, but this does not quell the sense of loss she experiences as she prepares to cede her authority.

The third is the present moment in your own lifetime, Diane. As you near retirement, you acknowledge freedom from many of the responsibilities of previous years, but this new phase has caused you to feel a void of blankness, of apparent nothingness. Heretofore, the pre-defined purposes of your adult life seem to have imbued it with great meaning. You ask how to proceed, when the path forward is unseen?

We would like at this point to ask you to determine something as it relates to the three moments we have presented above. There is no right answer; it is simply for the purpose of facilitating greater awareness within you.

This is what we would like for you to determine, Diane. Which among the three beings we have presented has the greatest freedom of them all?

Is it the Alpha wolf, whose primal instincts preclude her from experiencing substantial fear about the knowingness of her imminent loss of rank, and possible death?

Is it the indigenous tribal leader, who will be revered and honored in her special position among the elders after she cedes her authority, yet still feels wistful?

Or is it you, Diane, as you transition to a new chapter of life in which you will be absent from many of the responsibilities of previous years, and able to freely determine the purpose of your life as you enter retirement?

What you define as a void of blankness and nothingness is, in truth, a great ocean whose waves give the illusion of empty waters.

We would now like to share with you part of a message channeled by Daniel for another member of your spiritual tribe. We feel that it will allow you to begin to perceive this void in a new way:

Now, we ask, does something exist in nothing? This is a little trickier to answer, because it is easier to perceive something than it is to perceive nothing. However, the human mind has held the concept of zero for over one thousand years, so it is possible to answer this with respect to linear thought. We would like to explain to you again through metaphor. Something arising from nothing have been visually depicted for at least five centuries. The most famous example of this that exists in your present timeline is The Birth of Venus by the Renaissance painter Sandro Botticelli. Venus arises from the ocean fully formed, fully integrated. You could argue that Venus comes from the ocean, so she is something that comes from something. But the young adult female that arises from the waves is an altogether different reality, a different vibration, from the manner in which human beings are birthed into physical reality.

Dear Diane, is this new chapter in your life’s unique trajectory not, in truth, a wonderful blank canvas? Are not the perpetual vibrations of your life experience powerful forces from which new desires can be birthed, much like Venus rising from the ocean, fully formed and integrated?

We requested previously through Daniel that you look at a woman on a magazine cover and psychically imprint your first impression of her image. What was that first impression? What, if anything, do you see in her?

We see the eyes of a woman who has integrated many of her life experiences in a vibrant manner. Her most celebrated works as a novelist are the early ones which were written two and three decades ago. We can perceive in her gaze a woman who, despite being far past her literary heyday, sees a greater purpose, as she inspires successive waves of Latino writers. This is her legacy.

Her identity is another layer of her being. Who is she in the quieter moments of her life, when she is away from her beloved family, friends and community? What do her walks through life’s shadows resemble?

The expression on her face does not elaborate on those moments; it simply reflects the vitality of her being, and her ability to integrate the totality of her experiences.

Dear Diane, you can never be a “non-being” and we encourage you to use the great tools of your unlimited freedom and experience to shape each day of your continued existence.

We also encourage you to perceive of yourself not as an integrated woman, but rather a woman who integrates. That subtle but key distinction will help immensely as you traverse the unknown landscapes that will reveal themselves as you proceed forward with greater freedom.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle