Inclusion vs. Integration

There has undoubtedly been various points in your life when you have felt excluded. It could have appeared in the form of not being picked for a team in gym class, not receiving a social invitation that a mutual friend received, or being left out of a conversation. It could also be that you consider yourself outside of the norm, along the lines of gender, sexuality, race, ability or appearance. This triggers negative feelings such as unworthiness, envy, prejudice and oppression. It also triggers an urge to preserve one’s identity at all costs.

You have a fundamental desire to be included.  You want to be on a level playing field, have equal rights and equal representation in society. You seek unconditional acceptance from your friends and family, peers and co-workers. You want to be included, yet retain that which makes you different.

One of the current buzzwords in your time-space reality is Inclusion. The idea that the entire spectrum of society has a seat at the table, is embraced and included. It sounds nice on the surface. Include everyone, and leave no one behind. Equal opportunities, equal access.

In truth, Inclusion is a fear-based construct that does not serve humanity’s integration and ascension. We shall elaborate for your greater understanding.

Another definition of Inclusion relates to Nature. In geology, an inclusion refers to a solid, liquid or gas that is trapped inside of a mineral during its formation. In precious gemstones, the inclusion either decreases its value, does not affect its value, or increases its value, depending on the kind of stone. For example, inclusions in a diamond affect it clarity, and so it makes the diamond less desirable. In the case of the star sapphire, the inclusions actually increase its value. In quartz, inclusions can create beautiful patterns that can even seem otherworldly.

Amber encasement is yet another example of inclusion. It preserves small organisms such an insects and plants for millions of years. This natural phenomenon is invaluable to paleontologists who study prehistoric organisms, because amber preserves that which would otherwise not be preserved in a fossil.

Inclusion has an undeniable and everlasting purpose, as it relates to Nature. All that has been created in Gaia has pearl of awareness, a sentience. Even rocks and gems, they have a vibrational awareness.

There is a spectrum of conscious awareness in all of Nature. Among all of the biological organisms, humanity is the most consciously evolved. As such, there are vibrational patterns that do not serve humanity as well as they do the lesser entities.

There are some among you who are a vibrational match to being separated from the rest of humanity. Some are inspired to live a life off the grid. Others feel a spiritual calling to lead an ascetic or monastic life. For the vast majority, this is not the case. You are meant to integrate together.

Inclusion is the polar opposite of integration, in human terms. Inclusion focuses on the principle that one should not be marginalized, but can otherwise cling to their separate identity. To be included but not integrated is, in truth, a form of resistance. It blocks the positive vibrations of integration, which is the bridge to ascension. From a higher perspective, it is in fact impossible to be only “included” but not integrated. One may believe that they are singular, against the grain, but this is an irrational belief. There is a collective consciousness that resonates throughout humanity, and no one is separate from the vibrational flow. The notion of “separate yet equal” is already understood by your society to be a flawed principle that lacks integrity.

In this time of awakening, there are those who fear the loss their unique identity. Please understand that you will never cease to be a unique aspect of Source Consciousness. Your society has already understood for centuries that no one is an island onto themselves. Integration need not be feared.

Integration is the precursor to Ascension. Humanity’s ascension path is both horizontal and vertical. The Awakened are not separate from the unawakened. See from the higher perspective how you can integrate with those who do not share your beliefs.

The spectrum of consciousness, of degrees of awakening, is a beautiful creation. It is like a geode with striations of different colors. The individual colors are beautiful, but the collective colors are what make the geode precious.

With all of our love,

We are The Oracle

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